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Our mission

Creating scalable datacenter solutions for small to midsize businesses. 

Save money

We resell rack space down to the unit, so you can save money and only pay for what you need.


Tailored solutions to fit any need. You can purchase as much or as little space or interconnects as needed.


Secure and trusted, enabling your business to depend on us. H5 data centers are highly secure.

Find the answers you need right here

We are a business dedicated to helping small to midsize service providers in find their place in data centers. 

Collaboration, Honesty, Trust. 

We believe that every service provider should have the option to colocate and interconnect. 

Our goal is to help businesses like you achieve ideal connectivity in a sustainable and responsible way.

Services We Provide

We’re helping small to midsize service providers gain access. Choose any range of space requirements coupled with AC power to meet demand. All power is AC UPS with generator backup. Cold or hot row colocation.

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Rack Up is currently providing rack space in the following H5 data centers.
505 Marquette Avenue NW, Albuquerque, NM